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Chances are, if you are thinking of hiring a lawyer, your life is not going according to plan.  I can help you get back on track.  Your goal may be creating a better home life by adopting a child, modifying family rights and obligations, or establishing guardianship of a dependent person so you can effectively negotiate life’s challenges together. Or you may seek help to cut through red tape to grow a business or settle a dispute over property so that you and your family can more fully enjoy private ownership. You or a loved one may be facing the substantial hardships that can come from the loss of a job, the loss of property, the loss of financial security and stability, the loss of freedom or the loss of physical and emotional health.  In any of these situations, it is vital that you get the legal help you need as quickly as possible to keep moving in a positive direction, while minimizing your losses and maximizing your chances for success.  In lots of instances, waiting to get the help you deserve can cost you time, money and the opportunity for a better outcome.

I can offer you the kind of background, legal experience and personal connections you need to navigate these and other complex issues.  In addition, I pledge to provide the kind of honesty, integrity and commitment you can trust.  Let me help you develop a comprehensive plan to overcome your challenges and get back on solid ground.

Today, I invite you to take advantage of a compassionate and confidential assessment of your situation.  You can start by calling my office at 573-886-8933.  It will cost you nothing to see if I can help.  Below are just some of the specific scenarios we can and should discuss.

Whether you’ve been given a simple traffic ticket or had more extensive contact with law enforcement, you owe it to yourself to see how having a lawyer can help optimize your outcome.  No matter how minor or major a transgression the state, county or local government has alleged against you, you still have significant rights, which you must move swiftly to protect.  The same is true if you’ve been accused of professional misconduct that has placed your career, your professional credentials and reputation, or even your state license to practice in jeopardy.

Every day, in countless ways, we all put our faith in other people to do the right thing, and when your trust has been violated by the carelessness of someone else, the results can be devastating.  In some instances, the pain inflicted is intentional, and the law can offer the best remedy.  But if you or your spouse, parent or child has endured personal injury – such as the needless suffering of a serious or prolonged illness or death – due to carelessness, mistake or indifference that happened in a medical or correctional institution, exploring your legal options should not be overlooked or delayed.  I can assist by doing a thorough investigation in order to uncover facts and identify the legal options that will best help you and your family to cope with the consequences.

Call me at 573-886-8933.  I’m ready to listen.  What have you got to lose?